Episode 5: What to Expect During Labor

The big day has arrived. Whether you're going the induction route, having a natural birth or are scheduled to have a C-section, Dr. Rustici talks us through the myths and fears that surround labor and delivery. Who should be in the room with you? Is it okay to walk around? Can you eat when you're in labor? We discuss the common concerns and post-delivery challenges that women face.

Guest: Dr. Kathleen Rustici

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Episode: 4: What You Need (and Don't Need)

Trying to figure out what you should have on hand for the much anticipated delivery day can be a logistical headache. In episode 4, two mothers share an honest conversation about what they brought to the hospital for the big day for their first child, second...and even third. What's a must-have? What isn't worth packing? 

Guest: Julie Bielenberg of Mile High Mamas and SlowandGo.org

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Episode 3: So Many Questions, No Wrong Answers

Pregnancy is such a personal journey. How do women overcome the stigmas that often accompany their personal decisions during their pregnancy? Do you need a birth plan? How often should you Google? What position is the safest for sleeping? Epidural or no epidural? In our third episode, we delve into what it looks like to empower yourself to make the decision that’s right for you and your family.

Guest: Dr. Robin Fennimore

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Episode 2: Your Changing Body

Fatigue, morning sickness and hemorrhoids - oh my! From weight gain and indigestion to staying functional in your first trimester, we discuss the resources and tips you can utilize to address any discomfort you might experience during pregnancy. How does progesterone affect your stomach? Should you avoid certain foods? What specific medical conditions require individual counseling? Dive into our second episode.

Guest: Dr. Sarah Shepard

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Episode 1: You're Pregnant. Now What?

A candid discussion with healthcare professionals about the most frequently asked questions and concerns of newly pregnant women. 

The list of questions for newly pregnant women is exhaustive. What does your first doctor's visit look like and what should you be prepared to discuss? How much weight should you gain and what activities should you avoid? What about travel plans? Can you be sexually active while pregnant? This first episode in our series tackles all of the tough preliminary questions about your pregnancy.

Guests: Dr. Kathleen Rustici and Nurse Practitioner Alexa Fuller.

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